Administrative Offences Law

Administrative offenses are violations for which the law imposes fines or penalties. You may get in contact with the administrative offenses law more quickly than you would like to – because fines are often put into practice in the context of traffic law in road traffic.


Why Should You Contact a Lawyer?

Even the most attentive driver may be subject to traffic violations. The consequence: A fine notice, which may not only entail high costs but also penalty points or even a driving ban. As soon as you find the notice in your mailbox, you need to act quickly because important deadlines are already in place. Therefore, do not hesitate for long but directly commission a lawyer to check the legality of the notice you received. This way, you have a good chance of not having the notice become effective in the first place due to a successful appeal in many cases of traffic offenses.


Our Tasks in Administrative Offences Law

Have you received a fine notice? Do you have penalty points in the driving aptitude register? Is your driver’s license at risk? Have you been banned from driving? Do you need to undergo a medical-psychological examination (MPU)? As lawyers specializing in administrative offenses law, we have many years of experience in the reliable representation of your rights.

Our task is to protect your rights and to achieve the best solution for you within the framework of the law.