Family Law

Divorce and Child Maintenance

Often, there are many open questions in the context of a divorce. What steps need to be taken? What does a divorce petition involve? What happens to a possible co-owned property? Who can demand maintenance? What do I have to disclose to my soon-to-be-ex-spouse? What maintenance do I have to pay to my children? What exactly will I get as part of the equal distribution of surplus?

Advice Before the Divorce

As soon as it comes to a separation, the question arises as to what steps need to be taken in preparation for a divorce. In many cases, the issue of separation maintenance also becomes relevant. In addition, it is also often necessary to clarify which spouse the children should live with and to what extent the other spouse may be granted a right of contact.

In some cases, an agreement on the consequences of divorce between the spouses presents an adequate solution prior to the effective divorce.

Advice After the Divorce

After the divorce, issues such as post-marital maintenance or the implementation of an agreement on the consequences of divorce becomes relevant.


Even independent of a divorce, the topic of maintenance may become relevant to you. We would be happy to advise you on child maintenance or parent maintenance as well.