General Civil Law

Every citizen frequently enters into contractual relations in day-to-day life. This fact becomes evident when disputes arise about the proper performance of a service, about a defective purchased object or about the defective manufacture of an object.

Representation in and out of Court

In addition to our specialization in individual areas of the law, we have extensive experience in the field of “everyday” disputes and will represent you in court and out of court.

If you have already legally established a claim against a debtor unwilling to pay, we will of course also support you in recovering your money.

Contract Drafting

The use of contract templates from the Internet entails the risk that your specific wishes are not included in the template and/or that these might be included in a way that leads to a later ineffectiveness of the respective provision, and that current legal developments are not taken into account. Therefore, it is advisable to seek legal advice before concluding a contract and, if necessary, to have the contract drafted by a lawyer in order to achieve a contractual provision that is in line with your interests and, above all, that is effective.