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    »Where laws are recorded in writing, the weak enjoy the same rights as the rich.«

    Euripides (Greek dramatist, 480-406 v. Chr.)
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    »There are two peaceful powers: law and decency.«

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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    »He, who does not respect his right, is giving it up.«

    Ernst Benjamin Salomon Raupach

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Honerkamp & Kollegen Law Office in Kelkheim.

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With the decision to entrust your matter into our hands, you are provided with a capable team of solicitors who will support you with excellent legal advice. Among our clients are companies, freelancers and private individuals, whom we represent throughout Germany. In addition to our professional expertise, our clients value our discreet and personal approach. This means excelling at servicing our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering the best possible results to them.

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Our fields of law:

Often, there are many open questions in the context of a divorce. What steps need to be taken? What does a divorce petition involve? What happens to a possible co-owned property? Who can demand maintenance?

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Have I become an heir? Which of the several wills is effective? Who owns the estate after the accrual of the inheritance? What am I liable for as an heir? What exactly is a community of heirs and what is its effect? Can I, if applicable, demand the compulsory portion from the heirs?

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