Privacy statement

Collection and processing of data

Personal data, such as name, phone number and email address you enter in our form will only be used as part of your request. Data is not stored, except for general technical factors in internet usage, which cannot be influenced.

Your IP address will not be saved, no cookies are created by our website, and we do not use Google Analytics.

Security of your personal information

Insofar as you enter personal data in our contact form, it will only be used to answer your request – via phone or e-mail. No automatic storage or comparison with existing customer data will occur.

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, or rather, will only be shared if necessary for the processing of your inquiries or assignments.

Right to information

At your request and at any time, we will gladly inform you about any personal data stored.

A word of caution

We always strive to safeguard your personal information so that it is not accessible to third parties. However, when communicating via e-mail, complete data security is generally not a guarantee and we therefore recommend mailing all confidential information.